It’s just my opinion but Beartooth Pass from Montana into Wyoming is the most scenic motorcycle ride in the country.  From Cody, Wyoming, it’s about 190 mile round trip. When we started out, it was about 95º. I don’t know how cold it was on top of Beartooth Pass (elevation 10,947 ft.) but there was a LOT of snow on the ground. That’s as close as I will ever be to it again.  We went from sweating in tank tops and shorts to freezing in jackets and shorts. We packed jeans, but decided to be tough. The first leg is mostly flat, empty, gorgeous roads with a 70 mph speed limit that no one but us adheres to. I was there for the scenery, not speed. We rode about 70+ miles to Red Lodge, Montana, topped off the gas tanks and had some of the best sandwiches ever at a gourmet BBQ stand. They weren’t cheap, but worth every penny.  After that, we rode US-212 from Red Lodge to the Top of the World Store. Melinda wanted to lead and she did a great job. The girl LOVES her speed. You could see her itching to wind it out through those hairpin turns, but despite her being Insurance Girl, I was the voice of caution and made her stick to the speed limits. Some of them are 20 mph around turns so sharp you can see yourself coming through them from behind. This is one of the more “technically challenging” rides to be had. It is not as concentrated of curves of the Dragon’s Tail, but extends for more than 100 miles, so after a while, those hairpin curves get a little old (at least for me. Melinda wants to go again. Now.). It took us the better part  of a day (with frequent stops for photos). I also prefer pulling over and letting cars pass us and they appreciate it. We are in for the scenery, not blasting through. We added a herd of giant prairie dogs, a snake (pretty sure it wasn’t a rattler, but I wasn’t checking its ID), and some Mallards to our wildlife spotting. No elk. No bear.

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