In 1967, the Moss family took their annual summer vacation and landed in Mitchell, SD. Weeks before each trip, Claude (father) would send to each state they were going through and request brochures from the governor’s office. He would get stacks of information and he and Melinda would pore over it. In 1967, they went to Mitchell, SD and Melinda was crowned the Corn Palace Princess. And you would think that is the end of the story. Oh No!

So for 21 years, I have been hearing about her coronation. I scanned her certificate and newspaper article from the Seville, OH (hometown) paper. And when we planned our trek across the country in an RV, I was TOLD that we were going to Mitchell. The scene of the crime.

Before we got here, Melinda contacted Betty in the Box Office and gave her the story. Betty told Doug (the head administrator) and Eric (the assistant administrator) and when we got their, they made a bit of a big deal about it. They immediately posted it on their Facebook page and called the editor of the Republic (the Mitchell newspaper) Turns out that the Corn Palace quit doing the Princess thing after a few years and none of these three employees were there when it happened. But they believe that the Corn Palace only crowned one Corn Princess each year during their Festival and in 1967, it was Melinda. She was crowned by Frank White Buffalo Man, the grandson of Sioux Indian chief, Sitting Bull.

We went to the local historical society and tried to find out what years they did the festival and the Corn Princess event, but were only able to find mentions of two years, 1967 & 1968.

So it turns out I married Princess Melinda “Yellow Bird” (Zintka La Zee). The corn Palace is now thinking about re-initiating the Corn Palace Princess Pageant.