South Dakota was awesome. It was one adventure after the next. New sites, new bike, new places.

New Can-Am – My 2011 Can-Am’s parking brake cable snapped and Melinda and I took it to Rice’s Rapid Motorsports. As I was finishing up with the Service guys, I get a text from Melinda with a picture of the dashboard of a new 2020 Can-Am RT. I told the guy “I gotta go. Right. Now.” I get into the showroom, and she is sitting on it going “Vroom. Vroom.” It took Melinda about 3 hours to talk me into it. I wanted one, but was going to wait until winter to get it, but they gave us a great trade-in deal with a bunch of manufacturer incentives. I just hate being in debt and big purchases keep me from breathing. I called my friend, Herman, to talk me off the ledge and he and Melinda must have been working off the same script. Six hours later we drove off on a new 2020 Can-Am RT.
It rides like a dream, has super-power steering, 30% more engine, floorboards to stretch out on, lager (heated) seats, and 6 speeds.

Mt. Rushmore – One of our first rides in Rapid City, SD was to Mt. Rushmore.

Old MacDonald’s Petting Farm – We got Melinda a 3 day pass and she had a blast interacting with the animals. Well, except the mountain goats. One of them jumped on her and took the bag of feed from her.

Wall Drug – on the way to Cody through Wyoming, we stopped at Wall Drug, just outside the Badlands. Quite the tourist trap, but fun. Melinda and her family were there when she was 7 and she rode a similar bucking bronc. I think they may have retired the original one.