Ready to outgun the competition at the poker tables in Las VegasCrazy Girls bronze statue at Planet HollywoodVegas Baby!

Melinda was having a friend come visit our RV down in San Benito, Texas and I saw that as a perfect opportunity to head to Las Vegas. I haven’t spent a night away from the RV since we decided to go full time last Jan. 1st and I was overdue. I called my nephew, Daryl, up and he joined me for 5 days in the mother land. He got us a great room comped at Planet Hollywood and I had a blast. I played poker for 5 days and come home even. I would have done better but my second night there was a disaster of epic proportions at Aria and I would have done better getting mugged. Dead tiredButterfly sculpture at WynnAt least then I could have filed a police report. Not really bad beats, just unlucky cards. It was my fault I should have just gotten up and left. But I was in the middle of recovering from a weird foot infection and traveling from casino to casino by foot was painful so like a dumbass, I stayed and got fleeced. I spent the next three days winning and finally got even. Thank God! The flight back was tiring (the second stop was in Dallas) but I am glad to be back home to my family. Even the dogs missed me.