There’s an old joke somewhere along the lines of “When God wants a laugh, he listens to your plans.” Probably true. I know that our travel plans have been set back a couple months due to the pandemic.¬† This Sunday, we launch off again.

  1. We head to Katy, TX for some minor repairs/maintenance on the RV for a few days.
  2. Then to Lake Whitney, TX for 10 days to recharge before heading to…
  3. Tulsa, Oklahoma for a day or two (as far as we can drive in one day)
  4. Over by Branson, MO to get the Can-Ams looked at (probably 3-5 days).
  5. Pine Grove, Nebraska for a few days  (as far as we can drive in one day)
  6. Mitchell, SD for the Corn Palace Princess for a week
  7. Rapid City, SD for a few weeks (Mt. Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, Sitting Bull, Black Hills & Badlands rides)
  8. Wyoming for a month or so in the summer of 2020.
  9. From there, the tentative plans are Arizona, Vegas, and San Diego for the fall/winter of 2020/21.
  10. Up California in the spring of 2021.
  11. Washington and Oregon for the summer, then down to…
  12. Reno & Vegas for the fall of 2021.
  13. Arizona/New Mexico for the winter of 2021.

Now, granted, the further out these plans go, the more likely they are to change. Right now, we only have reservations for the next month or two.


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