Wild HogsThe end of September and most of October will find us in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After an overnight in Durango, CO where we did the Durango/Silverton Narrow Gauge railway, we headed to Albuquerque. Once there, we met up, and had dinner, with my nephew, Keith and his daughter, Kay Marie.

On Saturday, we rode to Madrid, NM, (pronounced Mad-drid, not Ma-Drid) the small town where they filmed the movie Wild Hogs. The town was a somewhat dilapidated art community, but we enjoyed it and Maggie’s Diner, which is not really a diner, but a gift shop dedicated to The Wild Hogs. I really enjoyed the town, but then, I really enjoyed the movie. I knew where we were going Saturday, so Friday night I watched the movie on Amazon Prime. Funny stuff.

From there, we rode to Santa Fe and had lunch. Santa Fe is truly an artsy-fartsy community where you HAVE to wear masks, even outside. The prices on everything is double what they should be. I can now say that I have checked that off my list. Again.