Full Time RV Utah Adventures - Escalante, Utah

The Wave – Must enter a lottery to see this

Full Time RV Utah Adventures

This week’s adventure took us on a ride to Escalante, Utah. What a great ride! I have coined a new phrase: “Twisties with a Penalty.” If you miss the curve, you fall about 1,000-3,000 feet. On one stretch of Hwy 12 (just before you reach Boulder, Utah) the road is on a ridge and on BOTH sides of the (guardrail-less) road is a drop off of about 2,000 feet. Talk about an incentive to stay on the road! This is a “Twisties with a Double Penalty.” Pucker-factor: 14.

One disappointing fact (that our friendly ranger told us) is that in order to see The Wave (see picture), you have to go to Kanab, Utah (over 120 miles away from the Visitors Center (which we already rode 100 miles to get to), on the other side of Escalante National Monument) and register on one day to be in a lottery (she said about 250 register) but only 10 get picked…wait for it…to go the NEXT day, so you have to ride back there the next day if you get picked. So about a 1 in 25 chance of getting picked, then if so, then about 400 miles of round trip travel to see it. Bummer.

No Justice

One thing we agreed on: the photos do NOT do some of this geography justice. Try to imagine riding down a road on a motorcycle with 1,000 walls on both sides of you. Picture being able to see rock formations and hoodoos (towers of rock) and valleys for miles and miles. Riding down a road where a rock cliff is to your left and a 2,000 foot drop is to your right. Looking down from a mountain overlook to see 10 miles of winding twisties at an 18% grade, in the valley-like amphitheater below you, that you are about to go down.

Full Time RV Utah Adventures - Escalante, Utah

Ninny in the slot canyon

The Hidden Slot Canyon

The highlight of the trip was the short walk into the slot canyon just off Burr’s Trail, past Boulder, Utah. You take Scenic Route 12 to Boulder (about 30 miles past Escalante on 12), turn right on Burr’s Trail and follow it for 11.3 miles. There is no sign, just a slight pull off to the left and you walk about 50 yards to the mouth of the slot canyon. Awesome. We wouldn’t have known about it, except our friendly ranger at the visitor’s Center in Escalante told us about it.

Close, But No Statue

Just an FYI: A National Monument in Utah does not need to be a statue. Usually it is a park-like area. For example, Escalante National Monument encompasses over a MILLION acres. That’s larger than Delaware. But don’t expect any statues. Just breathtaking scenery.

Full Time RV adventures in Utah - Escalante, UtahWide Spots in the Road

The town of Escalante has about 800 people, two gas stations, a high school, a few restaurants, and a visitors center. Period. Burr’s Trail has A building. The good news is: there are plenty of scenic turn outs on the road to pull over safely and take some killer pictures. Just one of the many trips in our Full Time RV adventures in Utah!

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