Full time RV living equals adventures in WyomingLate last week, we took another break from our full time RV lifestyle to ride the Can-Ams to the south entrance of Yellowstone through the Grand Teton National Park. From Dubois, it’s about a 250 mile round trip. We stopped at Old Faithful again and Lewis Falls. Talk about a great photo spot. We met some crazy bikers at Lewis Falls (Melinda won’t let me post the pictures of her and the guy in the buffalo headdress!) Coulter Bay, at the north end of Grand Teton National Park, is the only beach we have seen in Wyoming. You need to pack clothes for varying temperatures. It could start out as cold in the morning, get warm in the afternoon, turn cool in the mountains, then hot again when yo get to the flat lands. Melinda had to borrow my rain jacket and sweatshirt to cover her tank top. She was fashion-confused. It was a great ride.

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