On the road to Jackson Hole, Wyoming & the Grand Tetons from our full-time RV lifestyleMelinda took a rare day off from work (Working full time while RVing full time is not for sissies.) and we rode the bikes from the RV campground in Dubois, Wyoming to Jackson Hole & the Grand Tetons and back. It’s about 85 miles each way, but with some side trips to Jenny Lake and Brooks Lake, we logged about 200 miles. Jackson, Wyoming is a a pretty typical tourist town for Wyoming, with a population of about 9750 and an elevation of 6,237 feet. The main difference is that it seems to cater to the wealthier and the tourist shops were awfully proud of their products based on pricing.  The entire county insists on wearing masks due to Covid. Which is cool, but weirdly different from the rest of Wyoming which doesn’t even know their is a Covid outbreak. We had lunch at an outdoor cafe and it was pretty good. I don’t think $30-for-2-burgers-good, but like I said: proud. We passed on the gondola ride for $32/person, even though it looked fun. Lord only knows how much they wanted for the stage coach ride around the block.

On the road to Jackson Hole, Wyoming & the Grand Tetons from our full-time RV lifestyleGrand Tetons

The most impressive parts of the trip were the views of the Grand Tetons. I could sit and stare at them all day. Some of them are the backdrop for Jenny Lake. To get into Grand Tetons National Park, you will need to buy a entry pass. Melinda and I bought an annual national pass since we figure we MAY be hitting some national parks now and then. So far, we have used it 3-4 times and easily gotten our money’s worth.

Horse Run

At 4:30 pm everyday, the ranch at Brooks Lake releases their horse to run free into a pasture in the mountains. The horses wear cowbells to scare off the bears and to make it easier to round them back up. It’s interesting to watch, but I got to warn you: It’s 5 miles of pothole-filled, gravel, dirty road to get there. A car can do it, but be prepared to wash it afterwards.

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