This year for her birthday, I ordered Melinda a 2020 Can-Am RT. Her 2010 was 10 years old and needed new tires, a ($250) alignment, some work done on the parking brake, an oil change/tune-up, and a few other small things. My thinking was for that kind of money, we could make a few payments on a new one. We (and by “we” I mean “she”) had already decided that she wanted a new one (after she rode mine a bit). Her bike was 10 years old and while it had been nearly trouble free over the years, it was due to start having some expensive repairs.

We ordered online from, a place that Lamonster had recommended as where he buys his bikes. They gave us a good trade-in price on her 2010 and will deliver the bike anywhere in the country for free. We ordered her an RT, it doesn’t have the heated seats or automatic air compressor on the rear shock, has a slightly different suspension (none of which she cares about), BUT is $5000 cheaper than my RT Limited. It also doesn’t have the rear trunk and two additional speakers, but you can order that for another $2k, so we were still $3k ahead, PLUS BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products, the manufacturer) was offering $2000 off if bought in October, plus another $250 off if you ordered the trunk in October. The trunks are on back order till January (thank you Covid), and we don’t have to pay until then. But we saved a TON of money on something we were going to buy next year anyway.

And she loves it! She has named it “Blue” after the raptor in Jurassic World.

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