Melinda and I are hiding out for the winter in the Motherland (Las Vegas). Been a while since we updated the blog, mostly because this area is not famed for its geological scenery. We have hunkered down and are working during the day. Our main goal is to avoid snow. Being the capital of gambling doesn’t suck either.

The Side Job

Three or four times a week for a 4-5 hours, I go play some poker, mostly at Wynn. There are only about a half dozen casinos that have open poker rooms thanks to Covid. The rooms are doing a good job of trying to be safe.

  • plexiglass shields between players
  • masks on
  • wiping down a player’s are before they are allowed to sit down
  • changing out the decks often
  • the dealers wipe down everything every time they “push” the next dealer (30 minutes)

I’m doing well. Up about $1500 for the last 3 weeks and averaging about $50/hr. Good work if you can keep it.

It’s Hip To Be Square

We haven’t had many adventures, mostly because Melinda has had some issues with her right hip. The doctor says her hip joint is bone-on-bone, so it hurts. A lot. And it wears her out. So we sit. And work. She was going to have some surgery to fix it, but ran into some issues with insurance, so it got delayed until late Feb. Which means we will likely stay in Vegas till April 1st so she has time to recover. (Dammit all!) She says she had fun wearing the first hip out!

Welcome to Las Vegas!

In all the years we have been coming here and the dozens and dozens of trips here, we have never seen the Welcome to Las Vegas sign in person, so we jumped (eased) on the bike and took a ride down the strip and did the tourist thing.

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